About Catmunications – web design company

Think of the times you’re just too busy to sit at a computer and figure out how to put the information onto your web page, for that matter….
“where the heck is my Web Page?…”
That’s where Catmunications can come to your rescue! We are a small yet powerful company working with you on an individual need to get your site up and running to suit your needs!
Let me tell you a little something about how we got started…
Not long ago my husband was taken ill suddenly and required open heart surgery. Of course, this was a very frightening time for the entire family and all of our friends who reside throughout the country. I had my hands full just getting things organized for the weeks ahead and dreaded the thought of having to spend hours upon hours on the phone filling everyone in on what was happening and repeating myself dozens of times a day.
My love for the internet brought a quick and easy solution…
Make a “Surgery Update” web site. With one simple email I explained the situation to all we knew and gave them the web site address to visit daily. Each day I uploaded the latest information on his condition before, during and after surgery. What an incredible tool the internet became! People soon began to hear of our web site and before I knew it, I was being asked to design sites for others in the same situation. Many of the sites I do are temporary sites for people who need to get information out to family and friends in one easy step. From there I began designing small business sites for the businesses who need to be on the internet (who doesn’t?) but don’t have much time, interest or patience to learn how to design a site.
This is an affordable way to join the new generation of WEB BUSINESS! Let us assist you in building your web business or just keeping others informed!
We accept several payments types such as a personal check, money orders, pay pal (which accepts visa and mastercard). Call or email us today for a consultation!

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