About Put-in-Bay Taxi Company

Put-in-Bay Taxi Company charges $3 per person, per ride. Children under six years of age ride free. The $3 fare covers any trip for one person one way from any point on the island to any other point on the island. While you are making your other arrangements and reservations, take advantage of our token program and save $.50 on each fare. When you purchase tokens through our secure website, each token will cost $2.50 in sets of ten. Each set of tokens ordered will cost $25.00 plus a $1.49 handling fee.
Put-in-Bay Taxi Company in our view is and always has been a community based transportation service. We do everything from tours, delivering prepared food, flowers, medical prescriptions and groceries to freight both large and small. Islanders and visitors know what community service means to us by way of twenty-three years experience. Whether it was providing free service on New Years Eve, tending to school children, or keeping an eye out for a lost dog or cat, extending service hours, and accommodating unforeseen events, all are included in our vision of community service. We believe that good service begins within the community and extends to the thousands of visitors that come to Put-in-Bay every year. Good service, longevity, and experience combined with employees that are professional, courteous and knowledgeable will keep you coming back to Put-in-Bay Taxi Company for many years to come. Put-in-Bay is a wonderful place to visit and one can do no better than to call Put-in-Bay Taxi Company for any of your transportation needs while visiting Put-in-Bay at (419) 285-TAXI!

Around 1978 Ed Cummins began a transportation company by the name of The Island Cartage Company. The Island Cartage Company base of operations was East Point Farms, now a private residence, on East Point. The Island Cartage Company transported its patrons around the island using horse and buggy. The unpleasant mess combined with the slow pace of the horse and buggy, gave way to the eventual change in equipment and name of the business. Put-in-Bay Cab Company was born.
When Ed and his family left the island in the early eighties, they handed over the Put-in-Bay Cab Company to Tom Ohlemacher. Tom, soon thereafter, hired Dick Dysert, who worked for him as a driver one season. After that season the two of them agreed to enter an equal partnership under the name of Put-in-Bay Cab Company. By this time Dick’s wife Marg had joined the company and the three of them worked the many hours necessary to provide a quality service on South Bass Island. Two years passed. Tom decided to go his own way, so Dick and Marg became the sole owners of Put-in-Bay Cab Company. Put-in-Bay Cab Company operated from the old Castle Inn, near the State Park, during this period of transition. After the construction of Harbour Square was completed and began operations around 1985, Put-in-Bay Cab Company had found a new home. Put-in-Bay Cab Company became one of the original tenants of Harbour Square and remains there today. With a fleet of four vehicles, Dick and Marg operated Put-in-Bay Cab Company for eight years, seven days a week, twenty hours a day during the season making sure the service was accountable and dependable. Put-in-Bay Cab Company was already accustomed to operating year round and provided service to Put-in-Bay during the winter as well, twelve hours a day. Put-in-Bay Cab Company would change hands one more time in 1991. The name was changed to Put-in-Bay Taxi Company.
The Company has served South Bass Island for twenty-three years. We have a reputation of and proudly provide an excellent service for Islanders and visitors alike. We operate eight vehicles when the season is in full swing in order to eliminate wait times. Our employees are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable which translates into accountability and dependability. The longevity of our business has given us an unsurpassed degree of information and detail that is second to none. Put-in-Bay Taxi Company operated year round on South Bass Island twenty-two years. During the late spring, summer, and early fall months we operate seven days a week, nineteen hours a day normally 8:00am till 3:00am. In the winter and early spring months we operated twelve hours a day. We will continue to operate the late spring, summer and early fall months, often referred to as the season. Put-in-Bay Taxi Company will continue to meet the challenges that servicing an island presents.

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