Complete Smartphone Plugin List

This list gives you an overview over all the different plugins that are available for homescreen creation at the moment. Beside the official homescreen plugins that are installed on every smartphone this does also include very many third-party plugins, which extend the normal functionallity of your smartphone’s homescreen with new advanced features like the possibility to display an analog clock.
Please note however that not all of those smartphone plugins are available for free. Those that do cost money are listed seperately under “commercial plugins”.

Standart Homescreen Plugins:

Iconbar – shows the iconbar with informations on batterie, etc…
MRU List – shows the most recently used programs
Carier, Time, Date – should be self-explanatory
Ownerbar – shows the name of the owner
Messagebar – shows new SMS and MSS’s
Profile – shows the current profile of your phone
Todaybar – shows Outlook appointments for the day
Appointment Bar – shows only your next Outlook appointments
Missed Calls – self-explanatory as well
Cooltext – informations for the current cell
Static Text – displays simple, static text

Free 3rd Party Homescreen Plugins:

SmartMonitor – can show several status windows (like free disc space)
PhotoPlug – displays a photo
SlidePlug – displays a photo slideshow
MediaPlayerRemote – a remote media player
LCDPlug – an analog clock and more
Calendar – guess what…
HilAlarm – yeah, an alarm…
RJShortcut – improves the shortcuts on your screen
RJTasks – displays all your tasks
RJTime – another analog clock
SSSPlug – the start/stop sound plugin
RSSNewsfeed – can display RSS feeds on your homescreen
CalltimeApp – shows the time of a call on your screen
BattBar – shows the status of your battery in a nice graph
SPBluetooth – shows the status of bluetooth
AnalogClock – yes, another one, but a good one,too…

Commercial 3rd Party Homescreen Plugins:

SPBGPRS Monitor – monitors your GPRS connection
TinyGPS – gives GPS informations about your position
FizzTraveller – shows the weather on your homescreen
MadBeetle AnimPlugin – allows you to use animated backgrounds on your smartphone
PhonethemesAnim – another plugin for animated backgrounds

That’s it for now. If I find more they will be added.

Please note that you will have to resort to the help and support files those plugins come with to figure out how to include it in your own smartphone themes since it would be nearly impossible to provide a tutorial on every one of those on here.

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