Iran Update

This Iran election continues to fascinate. Again, major news sources are still saying things such as “thousands protest Ahmadinejad victory”, which is terribly misleading because it presumes that such a victory occurred. Continue reading

Tankers and Speedboats

While we’re all caught up in first hundred days fever, it probably makes sense to take a deep breath and realize that President Obama still has a full four years ahead of him (minus 100 days, of course). Continue reading

Huntsman to be Ambassador to China

I read this evening that Obama will be appointing Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to be Ambassador to China. Now I don’t agree with Mr. Huntsman on a lot of things, but he’s known as being a moderate Republican, and everything I have ever heard or read from him has been quite impressive despite our differences in political opinion. Continue reading

Prosecuting Torture

Bloggers and columnists have been calling for the prosecution of former Bush administration officials, and potentially the former president himself, for their roles in designing and carrying out policies of torture of detainees. Continue reading

Fort Hood

After the Fort Hood shooting, there’s a lot of news and speculation about whether this was a jihadist attack against American troops. Anytime there’s a mass murder like this, we try to break it down into some simple explanation. Continue reading

Thinking about Terrorism

This is a rather astute perception that I haven’t heard before. You can’t use traditional medical warfare – antibiotics – on viruses, but too many people think that a prescription can fight back when we catch a cold or the flu. We want to attack the attackers. Likewise, when threatened by terrorism, we aim to defeat it head-on with traditional warfare. Continue reading

Something to be Thankful For… the healthcare bill.

I don’t know a single person that fully supports the current healthcare bill, in any of its forms. I’m certainly not one. It is, perhaps, the great compromise of the decade. Although it’s not going to win much Republican support, it has incorporated some conservative principles, and removed many liberal ones from what one might expect a potentially filibuster-proof Democratic congress to produce. Continue reading

Porshe 930 for sale

I purchased this 79 930 five years ago from a PCA member in Florida who had the engine and transmission rebuilt. The car originally had a turbo factory install decal down the sides of the car. Continue reading