Today, Lou Piniella announced that Ryan Dempster will not be our closer. Instead, he is going to try to get Dempster in there 4-5 times a week, so he can get more work in because he has not had many chances to get a save. So for the most part it will probably be Howry and at times we might even use Marmol in a situation. Continue reading

About Mark 4

Mark 4 is a two member project; Tom Thayer and Daniel Walsh. They met in 1985 while attending high school in a south suburb of Chicago. They have played music together off and on over the years. With the exception of a short lived rock band called Blue Star, these early collaborations existed in a drunken world of meandering improvisations made with cheap and sometimes broken instruments that included a $25 drum kit, harmonicas, tin cans, a toy accordion, electric guitars and a megaphone. Continue reading


Had I known, when I scribbled my college major on some form, that being an engineer meant spending your whole life indoors, in a mechanically ventilated box, in front a computer screen I may have never agreed to become one. Continue reading

Water privatization in Kenya

I arrived in Nairobi late at night. On the flight from London, I sat with an Ethiopian man bringing aid to Kenyan children on the left and Omar, a British Indian returning to Kenya for the first time in years to visit his grandparents on the right. The Indian was just a year younger than me and had a high-strung, New Yorker personality. Between his complaints about various things, I tried to extract some information from him about Kenya since he had been there before. Continue reading

43 ways to (almost) free world travel

Matador/Traveller’s Notebook dug up 31 intriguing grant opportunities to take your studies abroad while published 11 ways to volunteer abroad for nearly nothing. But, both lists missed the opportunity I found that took me on safari over half-way around the world for a fraction of what it should have cost. Below, Idea #43, the first part of a long story about my summer safari in Kenya helping to restore mangrove ecosystems with a diverse bunch of folks from all over the world. Continue reading

HP OEM Vista refund hinges on one point

Thanks for reading!
Thank you to the over 24,000 people from Asia to Europe and everywhere in between that read my story about getting a Vista refund. It was in the top five overall on Digg at one point thanks to you – pretty exciting for someone who has never really had a website before! I Continue reading

Building green: LEED and our law

Honolulu may soon consider passing a bill that provides incremental real property tax breaks to LEED-NC certified projects based on the level of LEED certification achieved. Because the bill has so many flaws, it is the perfect starting point for discussing what should be considered before LEED, or any other green building rating system, is written into law. Here are 10 critical points to consider before introducing any such legislation: Continue reading