The Bone Canyon Band

The Bone Canyon Band is a group of musicians who have been playing music locally in and around Cochise County for many years. They are mainstays on the local scene and have played either together or separately in such diverse bands as Long Overdue, White Rabbit, Tommy Patterson Blues Band, Showtime, 151, Cheyenne, Cat Daddy and the 12 Barz Band and many others.
The Bone Canyon Band is a dynamic, 5 member, classic rock, R&B and blues cover band with a quality sound, energetic stageshow and a professional attitude, consisting of 2 lead vocalists, lead guitarist, a bass player, and a drummer. The bass player, drummer and guitarist are also vocalists. The band can effectively play almost any venue, from loud, outdoor concert-type shows to small, intimate parties, owing to their unique ability to absolutely control volume levels and sound quality on stage and out front.

We continued our crazy schedule in 2011, gigging for 40 weekends in all! Aside from regular shows at The Sorry Gulch and St. Elmos, we added The Stock Exchange, The Hitching Post and The Gay 90s Bar to our schedule, along with gigs at The American Legion, The Palms and the usual private parties. We were also privileged to play for the Festival of the Southwest and Sierra Vista’s 50th Anniversary in Sierra Vista, and for a special MWR event on Fort Huachuca. We performed for Bisbee’s Street Dance, the Democratic Party Convention, and the Christmas Party at La Ramada in Bisbee and we contributed a performance for the Bisbee Boys and Girls Club Telethon. And we thought last year was busy! The support we’ve received this year has been fantastic, with fans (who ever thought we’d actually have fans?!) providing us with pictures, graphics, T-shirts, hats and always showing up for our gigs. We truly appreciate your support and hope to continue rocking with you in the coming year

2011 was a busy year for the band. We weathered several personnel changes and still rocked regular monthly gigs at St. Elmos and The Sorry Gulch Saloon, as well as other local venues and the more-than-occasional wedding and party.
We were also honored to play Hawg Wild Days at the Crystal Palace in Tombstone, La Mission de San Miguel in Patagonia, The Military Intelligence Ball on Fort Huachuca, The Sierra Vista Concert in the Park Series in July, The Cove Concert Beach Party in July, Oktoberfest in Veterans Park in September, The Benson Biker Rodeo in October and The Sorry Gulch Halloween Party. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and intend to keep on playing the absolute best classic rock and blues in Sierra Vista and the surrounding area in the coming year!

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