The Storm

I have to admit, I haven’t been blown away by President Obama’s work lately, and I didn’t go into tonight’s State of the Union speech with high expectations, so perhaps that’s why this evening was so impressive. It was a reminder why we elected the man – it’s not just great speeches, it’s the great ideas in those speeches. While he got in some light jabs at the Republicans, he’s also willing to call out his fellow Democrats for not getting enough done. While he inspires hope for our economy – “the worst of the storm is over” – he also acknowledges that “the devastation remains”.While he pushes for Democratic platform – particularly around healthcare – he also pushed for supposed Republican causes like taxcuts, nuclear power, incentives for small businesses, and fiscal responsibility.

The president has still not proven that he can execute his plans, but he made a strong case for his own success over the past year, reminding us where we were twelve months ago; when we were on the verge of a banking collapse and fearing of another Great Depression. It does look like we made it through the storm, not unscathed, but certainly alive and making real progress. So perhaps the proof isn’t there, but the evidence is building, and his plans for the next year are good. Maybe I shouldn’t, but after tonight, I have renewed confidence in what he can accomplish.

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